New Jazz Record Label: You Knew! Records

New Jazz Record Label: You Knew! Records

  • 2017 December 06
  • by Dan Andersen

We are excited to announce the formation of You Knew! Records! Based Austin Texas, You Knew! Records is an independent record label which focuses on modern jazz which features original work of living musicians. The latest release by the Organized Noise Trio, entitled The Wink of  A Coward. It features an A list line-up of musicians in a trio format including Grammy winner Pete Rodriguez on trumpet, drummer Rudy Royston, and bassist Ricky Rodriguez, with a guest appearance my Gil Del Bosque.  Purchase The Wink of A Coward at Bandcamp.com today!

Also available on You Knew! RecordsHere With You, by Gil Del Bosque, and The Spark by Dan Andersen.